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No investment required from your end, other than your time and your existing setup.

You are the boss. You

decide your working 

hours, the rates you

charge and the types of service you offer.

Our study shows you can earn more than $200 per week with your existing  setup. 

Transparent transactions, we will be open with our charges, terms & conditions. 

No nasty surprises.

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Avatar 105
Portrait of a Woman

Meet Jo, who has some spare time and a fully functional laundry at home.

Jo doesn't mind running an extra load or two in her smug washing machine to make some cash on the side.

Jo signs up with Wring. Chooses what services she wants to offer, when she can spare her time, her work load and  importantly how much she charges.  

Wring assigns her jobs as per her preference. Her fees is transferred online once the job is done.

Avatar 89
Young Man

Noah here is an expert wrinkle remover, he works magic with his iron box and is open to offering his service to make wrinkles disappear.

Noah joins Wring. Registration process is a breeze. He provides his contact details, working hours, charges, bank account details.

He is now setup to lord over the wrinkles.

Avatar 103
Mature Woman

Amelia's world of knitting has to be seen to be believed.  Her specialisation is baby mittens !

Along with knitting, Amelia's gentle hands are good at washing your delicate silk dresses.

She offers both these services and as a bonus she provides free pickup and delivery !

A sewing machine is Leo's extended arm. Your new pair of denim needs that three quarter of an inch shortened but with the distressed hem.  Leo is your man & he charges just a fraction.

Leo's side hustle is for weekends only.  Wring captures his work hours and sends jobs his way only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Avatar 91
Young Man with Earing
Avatar 102
Professional Woman

Hi-flying Ruihi can't be bothered with doing her Laundry or dry cleaning.

Ruihi signs up with Wring, finds providers close by to her location, chooses the ones

that provide pickup and delivery. 

That is one chore ticked off her to-do checklist.

Ritchie is just waiting for a reason to take his scooter for a spin.  He happens to live near a laundromat and doesn't mind making some extra cash by doing other people's laundry.

Ritchie signs up with Wring as a provider who offers doorstep pickup and drop of laundry. He charges just a tad more than the corner laundromat.  Ritchie now loves his scooter rides even more.

Avatar 88
Young Man with Hat
Avatar 104
Chic Woman

Harper never believed that Dry cleaning is rocket science.  She now has proof !  

Want to try her home based Dry cleaning solution?  Login to Wring and look up for providers offering dry cleaning.  You will find her shop popping up along with the many others providing similar services.

Avatar 111
Mother and Daughter

The ever strong Lily - wants to bring her kid up as independent as possible.  Free time is not just for tv, why not setup little Sophie with a home based laundry shop that she can look after during school holidays. 

The thrill of earning your own pocket money !

With no registration charges, Sophie is now setup as a proud home business owner with Wring.

Just a matter of time for the pocket money to grow.

Steps to register as a service provider. 

1. visit our registration page.
2. sign up with email or Facebook or Google.
3. choose the services that you wish to offer.
4. setup your work hours.
5. setup your charges.

You are good to go.

Prerequisites to register.

1. you are based in New Zealand.
2. you have a bank account where your earnings can be deposited to.

How do I make money?

Wring will list your services once you register.  Users who are in need of services you offer will be able to look you up based on your location/service offerings/ratings.
Your charges for your offerings is for you to keep.  That simple.
The better your ratings, more jobs come your way.  

How does Wring make money?

Wring will charge 7.5% of your earnings. For every 10 dollars you make, you take home $9.25 and we keep 75 cents.

What are the services that I can sign-up to Offer?

or build
your own

Don't see your service listed here?  Register and build your own, or contact us, we will set it up for you.

contact us
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